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What is the Kwame Foundation All About?

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About The Kwame Foundation

In 2003 Anthony and Kim Thompson started the Kwame Foundation. The Kwame Foundation is a non –profit organization that provide young people an opportunity to learn, grow, and become professionals in their chosen careers. To accomplish our mission the Kwame Foundation provides financial assistance, educational mentorships, internship opportunities, and training in careers consistent with those needed to compete in a changing environment. Although we serve students of all races, our target is minority students pursuing post-secondary and graduate degrees who are bright, talented, high-achieving individuals that would not otherwise have an opportunity for higher education.

One of the principles upon which Kwame Foundation was founded was to provide opportunities for growth, development and leadership to young professionals. As an extension of that principle – and in alignment with our holistic approach to sustainability – KWAME supports various education and mentorship focused organizations.

In addition, through the Kwame Foundation, we endow scholarships at various institutions of higher learning across the country in order to assist in removing the financial barrier that exists for many minority and first generation college students.

Helping Young People Build Their Future

”Everything starts with our kids! If we want to have a skilled workforce then we train, develop, and educate our kids beyond high school. If we want safe and clean streets, we teach our kids to be productive citizens. We must seek to take care of the whole child no matter the cost if we want to elevate the brand of our region and compete in the global market.”

Tony Thompson
 CEO, Founder


The Kwame Foundation, a nonprofit organization was created on the philosophy that all public school students should be afforded the opportunity to advance to their full potential. The foundation created a formula designed to help provide young people the chance to learn, grow, and achieve their professional goals. Although the foundation serves students of all races, our target population is minority students pursuing post- secondary and graduate degrees.



To provide students in the public schools the skills needed to attain their full potential in a competitive world. The Kwame Foundation supplies financial assistance, educational mentorship, internship opportunities, and training in various careers. The Foundation strives to stimulate the growth of public school students in the area of performing arts.

About Kwame Foundation

Kwame Foundation was founded in 2003 as an organization that endows scholarships to assist in removing financial barriers that exists for many minority and first generation college students. The Foundation has programs designed to empower students and encourage personal growth.


Kwame Foundation has set the pace for mentoring youth in St. Louis and the other communites across the country of which we are corporate members.


At KWAME, we believe that none of us are successful until everyone has a chance at success. Through the Kwame Foundation, we contribute over $150,000 a year to endow scholarships and fund grants so that deserving students have their chance at success.

Kwame Golf Tournament

Since 2003, the Kwame Foundation has hosted an annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for education. The Kwame Foundation now endows approximately $150,000 a year in scholarships and grants at universities that improve educational opportunities for minorities.

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