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For over four years, a group of men from Kwame Building Group, Inc. (KWAME) have been meeting with the Gentlemen’s Club of Carnahan High School of the Future in the St. Louis Public School District to provide mentorship and teach leadership. Every Wednesday, Charlie Bean, the school’s attendance officer, Tony Thompson, founder and CEO of KWAME, and a group of male KWAME employees meet with the now 35 club members to help them realize their potential. Recent graduate, Michael Boyd, states, “It’s an empowerment. I’ve never seen Mr. Bean or Mr. Thompson step outside of what we call gentleman-like ways. They’re not just telling us, they’re showing us the ways.” This is a mentoring program for young men at Carnahan High School. Many of our staff are involved in the program, spending an afternoon each week inspiring the students to be gentlemen and leaders. Students enter as freshmen and complete the program once they graduate. The Kwame Foundation also sponsors literacy, education and mentorship programs at numerous other elementary and secondary schools in St. Louis.

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Eric Williams, Gentlemen Club member, will be receiving a full-ride football scholarship February 4th to Southeast Missouri University (SEMO). Eric is being awarded the first ever division athletic scholarship at carnahan. This will be aired on local news at 12:30pm on February 4, 2015. Be sure to tune in.

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Since 2003, the Kwame Foundation has hosted an annual Golf Tournament to raise scholarship funds for education. The Kwame Foundation now endows approximately $150,000 a year in scholarships and grants at universities that improve educational opportunities for minorities.

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