KWAME honors fallen community leader

Kwame Building Group, Inc. (KWAME) celebrated the late Tyrone Thompson’s birthday on July 14 with ‘Project SPROUT, a special Day of Service’ at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis.

Project SPROUT, which stands for Seeding Peace, Resolution, Outreach & Unity with Teens, was created in honor of Tyrone Thompson to plant seeds of anti-violence and anti-bullying in local teens and communities. 80 children from the Boys & Girls Club joined 10 volunteers from KWAME to plant flowers at the O’ Fallon Park Club.

Tyrone Thompson, brother of KWAME founder Anthony (Tony) Thompson, was a dynamic example of service to others and a fierce advocate for education. Tyrone mentored hundreds of disadvantaged teens, particularly young men.

Ironically, when he was shot and killed by two teenagers in an attempted robbery in 2010, he was developing a mentorship program through his alma mater, University City High School, and was president of the St. Louis Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Non-Violence Youth Support Group.

“We thank everyone at Kwame for their legacy and inspiration in making St. Louis a better place,” said Shakira D. Nasiruddin, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis site coordinator for the O’Fallon Park club. “Project SPROUT will be an annual service project at Boys & Girls Club every July 14th.”

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