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What It Is

IMG_1431_webThe Tyrone Thompson Institute for Nonviolence (TTIN) offers a new approach to school suspensions, which often lead to poor academic performance, lost school funding and an increase in juvenile delinquency and dropouts. Through the program, St. Louis Community College students tutor and mentor suspended students in St. Louis area school districts, through eighth grade.



How We Help

imagejpeg_0_webThe Kwame Foundation provides the vision, funding, adult mentors and hope. School Districts in the St. Louis metropolitan area set aside tutoring space and provides support. Currently, St. Louis Community College houses the program at their William J. Harrison Education Center in north St. Louis City and helps train the college students. Our team has been successful with the delivery of the foundation’s mission and vision. Kwame Foundation is committed to providing St. Louis with a best in class program for youth at risk. Everyone wins. Suspended students get one-on-one attention in their own school settings. College students learn about community service, tutoring and mentoring. Parents build parenting skills at required one-day workshops. And the local schools retain state funding.

The Details

imagejpeg_3_webThe TTIN was created with a focus on changing violent behavior as well as giving students the opportunity to stay current on class work through a school suspension program. The TTIN is an in-school program which a student may be assigned in lieu of Out of School Suspension (OSS). It is designed to make serious changes in the youth’s lives in our community, reduce the violence, and to counteract many of the negative effects of suspension. Instructional time can continue without interruption and special academic help can be provided.

For more information or to volunteer as a mentor, call Sonja Branscomb at 314.862.5344 or sonja@kwamefoundation.org.

Programs Currently Provided

The Tyrone Thompson Institute for Nonviolence is currently at Gateway Middle School (Gateway). Students at Gateway come from the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Below is a chart to display the total enrollment, categorized by ethnicity, of Gateway Middle School.

**91.4% of Gateway Students receive Free/Reduced Lunch (FTE)

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To provide young people an opportunity to learn, grow and become professionals in their chosen careers. The Kwame Foundation provides financial assistance, educational mentorships, internship opportunities, and training in careers consistent with those needed to compete in a changing

environment. The following are our additional programs offered through the foundation:

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